Artemii Pogodin Art Direction / Animation

Point studio is a family team of animation explainer video production. We are a professional crew of art director, animator, and illustrator. We work and live together thus our сlose-knit and the experienced team has advantages:
  • high level of animation
  • and characters design,
  • friendly communication,
  • easy management,
  • reasonable prices.

Anastasiia Pogodina Illustration / Character Design

How we work?

  • Briefing
    1) Briefing

    Fill our brief form for starting work. We'll find strong advantages your company.

  • Briefing
    2) Concept

    We'll propose concept solutions and base style for the cartoon you need.

  • Briefing
    3) Script

    Next step, we’ll make the script and text for voice over. These are all scenes in text format.

  • Briefing
    4) Storyboard

    After you approved the script, the illustrator will draw a storyboard and create characters.

  • Briefing
    5) Audio

    Our team will provide some audio for background and voice professional narrators.

  • Briefing
    6) Animation

    The animation is magical process moreover we'll add sound effects too. But remember, animation part needed a long time of work. It's the last step!

*You can approve every part in this way controlling all producing.

Contact us
Skype: studiopoint